Aunt Ilcsi

Mrs Ilona Molnar, lovingly known as Aunt Ilcsi is the founder of Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs. Aunt Ilcsi's view on skincare and how nature can help us to have beautiful skin was well ahead of its time. In the 1970s and 80s, when she was already promoting natural solutions, the industry was still all about synthetic ingredients. Her method of skincare has its roots in her early years. As a child, Ilcsi lived in rural Hungary, where people had a very close relationship with nature. Her village herbalist grandmother taught her how to use plants and herbs, that later helped her starting this unique and inspiring carrier.

In the 1950s, when Aunt Ilcsi started to work as a beautician there was a shortage of beauty products, although there was a natural demand for women to have beautiful skin. Her creativity turned Aunt Ilcsi towards herbs and plants, finding a solution in nature. She built on the knowledge of ancestors and studied all the available books on herbs and their effects. Step by step she developed the first products that she herself used for beauty treatments and experienced their immediate results.

She soon became a highly recognized professional in Hungary and by the 1980s her work was acknowledged internationally. She was a popular presenter at several CIDESCO (International Association of Beauty Therapists, founded in Belgium in 1946) and other international conferences, where her views changed the mindset of lots of professionals.

By 1984 there was a great demand for her products and Aunt Ilcsi had the opportunity to start the family business with her son. Since establishing the family business, up until her death in 2013, Aunt Ilcsi worked with a dedicated team to develop great products and educate the next generation of beauty experts in Hungary and around the world.

Aunt Ilcsi promoted using natural products and living close to nature all her life. Now her knowledge and wisdom is manifested in the life of the company which is still owned and managed by her son and family, so the story continues ...