At B&O Natural Cosmetics we believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful skin using natural products. The world-wide success of Ilcsi and ilike products and our personal experiences convinced us that this great brand should be available for those who prefer natural cosmetics in the United Kingdom.

llcsi Beautyfing Herbs knows that nature has a solution to every skin problem. These professional natural cosmetics therefore are always made of fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and spring waters, active ingredients are used instead of extracts. They respect all forms of life, so during the product development they do not conduct any tests on animals and do not use animal by-products. Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs teamed up with WWF in Hungary to promote environment protection.

B&O Natural Cosmetics is proud to represent 'Ilcsi' in the UK as we support and appreciate the values and philosophy of Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs.

Our aim at B&O Natural Cosmetics is to ensure that those who use 'Ilcsi' products in their salons and spas not only receive high quality products but also all the training and support that they need to make the best recommendation and most suitable product selection for their clients from our wide-ranging offerings.

'Ilcsi' is not only a product. 'Ilcsi' is more than 60 years of knowledge and expertise in skincare combined with the wisdom of our ancestors and how they used herbs and fruits for the benefit of their health. We cannot turn back time, and we might not even want to, however this wisdom and knowledge offers us the opportunity to treat our skin in a healthy way.

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