Acne & Oily Skin

Carotene Extra Gel Mask 50ml

Nourishes the skin and makes it more resilient.


Rose Hip Gift Pack

Skincare essentials for acne, sensitive skin.


Sea Sand & Willow Peeling 35ml

A gentle exfoliant that softens skin while protects and stimulates skin cell renewal.


Paprika Herbal Treatment 50ml

Ilcsi’s signature mask for all skin types to visibly rejuvenate, invigorate and firm skin, detoxify tissues, stimulate circulation and metabolism and tackle


Seven Herb Treatment 50ml

Smoothed, soothed and tightened skin. For oily, acne prone and sensitive skin.


Mattifying Concealer Serum 35 ml

Concealer serum helps conceal, clear and prevent blemishes.


Rose Hip & Maize Exfoliating Mask 50ml

Refined cornmeal makes skin soft and silky. For all skin types.


Apple & Lemon Whip Moisturizer 30 ml

Apple and lemon tighten pores, tone, soften, and refresh oily skin with acne.


Ichtyolic Concealer 12 ml

Covers pimples and comedoes, soothes irritated skin.


Phytoestrogen Serum 35 ml

For skin with loss of elasticity. Also helps hormonal adult acne.


Rose Hip Serum 35 ml

Light liposome gel for sensitive skin, rosacea and acne. Leaves skin feeling soothed. For ages 20+


Apple & Lemon toner 125 ml

Everyday use is recommended for acne-prone, inflamed skin with large pores.