Normal, non-sensitive skin types.

Rose Petal Whip Moisturizer 30ml - was £37.00 now £18.50

Intensive hydrating, regenerating and firming moisturizer.


Grape Stem Cell Cleanser 35ml

Removes dirt, oil, and make-up while providing hydration and nutrients to slow skin ageing.


Cucumber & Parsley Treatment 50ml

Refreshing, hydrating and regenerating mask for all skin types.


Sea Sand & Willow Peeling 35ml

A gentle exfoliant that softens skin while protects and stimulates skin cell renewal.


Apricot Whip Moisturizer 30 ml

Nourishing, rejuvenating moisturizer. For all ages.


Tomato Face & Body Cream 100ml

Lightweight cream recommended before and after sunbathing or as a daily moisturizer to revitalize skin.


Carotene Extra Treatment 50ml

Intensive mask for dehydrated skin. For ages 30+


Apricot Gel Mask 50ml

Fruity gel mask rich in vitamins and antioxidants for all skin types. For ages 20+


Elderflower Eye Contour Serum 35 ml

Firms and improves the elasticity of the eye area. For ages 25+


Nettle Cleansing Concentrate 125ml

The ideal facial wash and shower gel for all skin types.