Don't leave your healthy skin at home this summer!


The use of the wrong skin care products, trendy bubble baths and shower gels, and the lack of exercise lead to the thickening of the keratinized layer, which causes a dry, dull feeling. It insulates the skin so it cannot renew itself from within, and prevents the absorption of skin care products. Ilcsi’s soft, cooked cleansing concentrates (soaps) soften and dissolve the keratinized epidermal cells, thereby preventing thickening, and they also restore the skin’s self-cleansing function, opening the way for skin care products.

The ILCSI Mineral Cleansing Concentrate is recommended for seborrheic, acneic skin. Also recommended for men suffering from folliculitis: use it as a shaving foam.
Its main ingredients are linseed oil, ichtyol, vegetable glycerin, tocopherol, lavender oil.

The ILCSI Nettle Cleansing Concentrate is a gentle, cooked cleansing concentrate also contains nettle; recommended for cleansing dry, itchy skin on the face and body. The precious active ingredients of the Nettle Cleansing Concentrate regenerate and refresh the dry, often dull, dehydrated skin.
Its main ingredients are nettle, linseed oil, natural essential oils and chlorophyll, tocopherol.

Use them every day as a facial wash and shower gel for the entire body. We can enhance the results by scrubbing the skin with a sponge or a damp brush. Follow up with an Ilcsi body lotion!

Don't leave your healthy skin at home this summer! ILCSI Mineral Cleansing Concentrate is now available in travel-friendly size.