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Ilcsi Sour Cherry and Blackthorn Moisturizer

Keeping your skin care as natural as possible can help you to have healthy skin, avoid irritation and skin sensitivity. Long-term use of synthetic ingredients causes the skin’s protective barrier to thin and lose water, and leads to all kinds of skin care concerns.

With the right diet, skin care routine and regular exercise, you can be healthy and have great skin even now after the long winter months.

Ilcsi's organic plantation
Ilcsi products are outstandingly effective due to their high percentage of natural ingredients, reaching 98% in some of our products. We use over a 100 different kinds of plants, most of which are grown on our organic plantation. Ilcsi skin care products do not contain parabene, paraffin oil, vaseline, glycerine of animal origin, synthetic colourings. Choose any of our products and you can be sure that the fruits and herbs will work together in harmony with your skin. Start today - the Apple & Lemon Starter kit includes a complete skin care regimen to restore a radiant, even complexion. Your skin will be grateful.
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