Natural remedy to sensitive skin

Acne or sensitive skin? Ilcsi’s Rose Hip Gel Mask is a beautifying formula developed for the treatment of acne and sensitive skin. This miraculous mask boasts superior healing and hydrating effects, alongside antiseptic benefits, to soothe and smooth oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Its key ingredient, rose hip is an important source of Vitamin C and P as well as carotene; consuming it in the form of tea, syrup or jam contributes to the balanced functioning of the body. Rose hip is a roborant and an astringent, and the oil of the fruit pulp is an emollient and skin conditioner. Due to its valuable active ingredients, rose hip is highly effective in treating sensitive, seborrhoeal and irritated skin prone to rosacea and acne.

Use it once a week to soothe and smooth sensitive skin. Apply the mask to cleansed skin, allow to dry, then remove with a damp cotton ball or cosmetic gloves and finally rinse with water.

The Rose Hip Gel Mask is now available in new packaging. Trust us, the beauty benefits are supernatural!