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Razor burn or bumps and dry, itching skin are common results from shaving. Anyone who shaves will experience skin irritation after shaving, caused by dull razors, dry skin or skin sensitivity. You can take steps before, during and after shaving to ensure smooth, comfortable skin.
Exfoliate. Many people are guilty of skipping this step. Your skin will be smoother and less prone to redness and irritation. When you exfoliate before shaving, it aligns your hairs for a uniform shave and sweeps away the dead skin, allowing for a closer shave.

Healthy Complexion with Beta-Carotene


The name beta-carotene comes from the Greek beta and Latin carota (carrot). It is the yellow/orange pigment that gives vegetables and fruits - for example, carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes - their rich colour. The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A which is essential for a healthy skin.

Care for Your Hands Every Day

Hand Care - Ilcsi Natural Skin Care products

Uneven skin tone, age spot and wrinkles will inevitably appear on our hands over time. You can help prevent these with ease. Our tips for keeping hands healthy and youthful…

Get more Sun

Get more Sun

Worldwide, an estimated 1 billion people have inadequate levels of vitamin D in their blood, and deficiencies can be found in all ethnicities and age groups. Why are these widespread vitamin D deficiencies of such great concern? Because research conducted over the past decade suggests that vitamin D plays a much broader disease-fighting role than once thought.

Gluten-free Skin Care

Many of those with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity find they feel better when their cosmetic products are gluten-free.