Happy New Year to You & your skin!

Starting the new year with radiant, healthy skin has never been easier, thanks to Ilcsi. Why not treat yourself to a salon facial at your home? Just follow these simple steps and your skin will be grateful:

Natural remedies - Hot springs

To fight winter weather and prevent the winter blues visit a spa regularly - hydrotherapy is a great way to relieve illnesses and injuries, mobilize stiff joints or simply unwind and relax...

Healthy Living and Diabetes

World Diabetes Day, observed globally on November 14, was created in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation ...

Natural remedies: Rose-hip

Autumn is the season to boost your immune system in order to prevent illness and stay in top form—why not try the natural way, free from side effects?

Glowing, healthy skin with the Ilcsi AHA Fruit Pulp & Paprika Herbal Treatment

Ilcsi Paprika Herbal Treatment

Autumn is the season for rejuvenating, firming skin and peeling away the unwanted results of ...