60 years of knowledge and expertise in skincare - Our Story

Ilona Molnar, lovingly known as Aunt Ilcsi, was the founder of Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs and a true beauty trailblazer. Decades before the mainstream beauty community recognised the power of natural, organic ingredients, Ilona knew they had the answer to a multitude of skin problems. Sixty years later, her vision is proved, and resonates with generations of beauty lovers around the world.

Aunt Ilcsi’s Roots

Aunt Ilcsi was captivated by nature. She grew up in picturesque rural Hungary, surrounded by forests and valleys amongst the hills of Buda. As a young woman, she began collecting flowers and herbs from the area around her grandparents’ village.

Her natural skincare philosophy has its roots in her early years: Aunt Ilcsi’s great grandmother was a herbalist, so she grew up with a thorough education and faith ...

Truly Natural Skincare - Our Philosophy

Ilcsi believes that true beauty begins with nature. Our certified natural skincare and cosmetics give outstanding results, without harming people, animals or nature. Our values mean we consider the environment and the wellbeing of nature in every aspect of our business.

A Family Business

Ilcsi is a true family business. We are responsible for preserving the reputation of our founder, mother and grandmother Ilona Molnar, lovingly known as Aunt Ilcsi. We keep the heritage of her natural skincare brand alive, whilst always looking to the future.

The Molnar family still own and manage Ilcsi, taking an active part in the daily development and production of our natural cosmetics. This means we can guarantee the quality associated with the Ilcsi name for 60 years.


At Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs we believe that nature has an effective solution to every problem, so we created the unique 'Ilcsi' professional natural cosmetics. Our products contain only the best quality organic ingredients - fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs, and meet the highest standards of natural cosmetics. We use over 100 different kinds of plants, most of which are grown on our own organic plantation in Hungary. Some of the herbs we use are still collected from their original habitat, while some fruits are brought from organic farms. We use live active ingredients instead of extracts and the fruit, vegetable content is very high in our products. The products do not contain artificial colours, these are the actual colours of the ingredients.