Truly Natural Skincare - Our Philosophy

Ilcsi believes that true beauty begins with nature. Our certified natural skincare and cosmetics give outstanding results, without harming people, animals or nature. Our values mean we consider the environment and the wellbeing of nature in every aspect of our business.

A Family Business

Ilcsi is a true family business. We are responsible for preserving the reputation of our founder, mother and grandmother Ilona Molnar, lovingly known as Aunt Ilcsi. We keep the heritage of her natural skincare brand alive, whilst always looking to the future.

The Molnar family still own and manage Ilcsi, taking an active part in the daily development and production of our natural cosmetics. This means we can guarantee the quality associated with the Ilcsi name for 60 years.

The Ilcsi Values

Our natural remedies contain high concentrations of the best quality active ingredients, from plants grown on our own 20-acre organic plantation. This plantation is certified by Öko-Garancia and used exclusively by us for plants grown on organic farms and wild harvested plants.

We adhere to the highest standards set for natural skincare and cosmetics, and the majority of our products are certified by the German BDIH, one of the strictest certification bodies.

There is a lot of misinformation about what makes a natural product. Ilcsi are proud to be different, making truly natural skincare and beauty products with comprehensive ingredient lists. The majority of our natural cosmetics is certified by BDIH, so you can be sure of their quality.

Our natural skincare is bursting with active ingredients, and by using the latest high tech equipment, your products will stay fresh and effective for longer. Our team of plant harvesters gather and process our natural ingredients by hand, and then our state-of-the-art electric blenders take over. We mainly use air-lock pumps, so that our uniquely fresh product range has a shelf life of 15 months.

Our progressive natural skincare products have always been ahead of the times. For example, long before we were aware of the damaging effects of pollution, our products contained anti-pollution qualities from the anti-oxidant-rich natural fruits we use.

Because everyone is unique, every skin care issue responds differently. Our range of over 150 products allows you to tailor a skincare regime that perfectly matches your skin. Whatever skincare issues you face, from sensitive skin, oily skin, to acne-prone skin, or if you’re looking for anti-ageing solutions, Ilcsi has the natural remedy for you.

Environmentally Responsible
We are committed to protecting natural resources and support the conservation that WWF Hungary and the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society are doing.

We do all that we can to reduce our ecological footprint, and use local resources wherever possible, to leave a better world for the next generation. We do not use artificial fertilisers or plant protection chemicals. We do not carry out animal testing.

Ilcsi is not just a natural skincare brand. Ilcsi represents over 60 years of knowledge and expertise in skincare combined with the wisdom of our ancestors.
Ilcsi natural skincare: always fresh, always pure. Naturally.

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