Ilcsi Grape Stem Cell products receive Hungarian Quality Product Award

llcsi Beautifying Herbs' Grape Stem Cell product line (cleanser, toner, peeling, gel mask, serum, moisturizer, rich moisturizer and body lotion) has received the Hungarian Quality Product Award for the best new product of 2013. The awarding ceremony was held in the Hungarian Parliament on 4th September, 2013.

The Hungarian Quality Product Award is a title acknowledging and rewarding only the highest quality Hungarian products available in Hungary and abroad.

The Grape Stem Cell products were launched in May 2013 and soon became very popular in Hungary and abroad. These products are also available in the USA and Canada under the brand name 'ilike'.

Grape stem cells carry all the positive properties of grape in a concentrated form and it can effectively protect the skin's DNA against harmful effects of free radicals, increase the life of skin cells and improve its structure.

Now these unique products are available for you.