Dehydrated skin

Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Cleanser 200ml

Removes makeup and impurities without clogging pores.


Probiotic Treatment 50ml - NEW

High performance facial stimulating skin’s self-renewal process.


Probiotic Moisturizer 50ml - NEW

Fast absorbing, rich moisturiser to decrease the signs of ageing. Skin appears smoother and more lifted.


Rose Petal Gel Mask 50ml

Fragrant gel mask to wake up tired skin. For all skin types.


Anti-ageing & Hyaluron Eye Contour Cream 30ml

Visibly younger looking skin.


Revitalizing Gift Set with Apricot & Grapes

Treat your loved ones or even yourself to something healthy. For all skin types, except sensitive.


Carotene Extra Gel Mask 50ml - WAS £36, NOW £18

Face mask for acne-prone, dehydrated skin.

Best Before 12/2018


Carotene Extra Treatment 50ml - WAS £36, NOW £24

Intensive mask for dehydrated skin. For ages 30+

Best Before 06/2019


Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Whip Moisturizer 30ml - WAS £27 NOW £18

Light moisturizer with hydrating, regenerating, nourishing and toning effect.

Best Before 02/2019


Nettle Cleansing Concentrate 125ml - WAS £18.00, NOW £9.00

Suitable and gentle for all skin types.

Best Before 12/2018


Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Toner 125ml

Recommended for refreshing dehydrated, pale, loose skin, large pores.


Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Gel Mask 50ml - WAS £36 NOW £25

Hydrating, revitalizing mask for all skin types. Ages 20+

Best Before 12/2018


Stonecrop Whip Moisturizer 50ml

Super-hydrating brightening and soothing cream. Fast absorbing formula.


Anti-Ageing & Hyaluron Body Lotion 200ml

Super-hydrating body lotion for dehydrated skin.


Carotene Extra Whip Moisturizer 50ml - WAS £49 NOW £34

Improves skin tone for a healthy, glowy complexion. For all skin types.


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