Sensitive Skin

Transform stressed-out skin into a cool, calm complexion with rose hip, yarrow, aloe and botanical oils. These hydrating and soothing products immediately help senstive skin, control breakouts, reduce redness and tighten pores. Free delivery on all orders. Money back guarantee.

Mineral Cleansing Concentrate 50ml

Soothing cleansing concentrate with natural herbal oils. For acne, oily and sensitive skin.


Seven Herb Treatment 50ml

Soothing, pore refining mask for acne prone, itchy, sensitive skin.

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After Shave Balm 100ml

Fast-absorbing formula to soothe and cool just-shaved skin.


Rose Hip & Maize Exfoliating Mask 50ml

Fresh-smelling exfoliating mask to soothe, refine skin. For acne, oily and sensitive skin.


Rose Hip Whip Moisturizer 50ml

Relieves acne-prone, sensitive skin. Rich in vitamins.


Rose Hip Toner 125ml

Refreshes and soothes acne-prone, irritated, sensitive skin.

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