Exfoliation brings vibrancy and a smooth appearance to the skin, allows better absorption of other skin care products. ILCSI Natural Skin Care products contain only natural abrasives rich in precious active substances: ground-up grape seeds, maize, sea salt, or try our fruit acid peelings for a rejuvenated, spotless skin, a clean conscience, and a cleaner environment.

Sea Sand & Willow Peeling 50ml

Mild and effective exfoliator for normal, dehydrated skin.


Rose Hip & Maize Exfoliating Mask 50ml

Fresh-smelling exfoliating mask to soothe, refine skin. For acne, oily and sensitive skin.


AHA Fruit Pulp & Paprika Herbal Treatment Kit (2x50ml)

A must-have exfoliating treatment for all skin types. Flawless, pore-less complexion.


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