We have some exciting novelties for you!

Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Whip Moisturizer 50ml

This age-defying hydrator is rich in fruit acids to brighten, repair and revitalise dry, dulled and vitamin-deficient skin.


Apricot Whip Moisturizer 100ml

Super-hydrating moisturiser with apricot.



Sea Sand & Willow Peeling 50ml

Mild and effective exfoliator for normal, dehydrated skin.


Phytoestrogen Mask 50ml

Oil-free mask rich in phytoestrogens recommended for mature skin. Ages 45+


Apple & Lemon Gel Mask 50ml

This fresh-smelling mask reduces acne symptoms and oily shine.


Flavonoid Extra Serum 30ml

Regenerates dull and stressed skin, leaving it revitalised and rosy.


Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Gel Mask 50ml

Hydrating, revitalising mask for all skin types. Same formula - new design.


Nettle Cleansing Concentrate 100ml

Natural face & body wash for all skin types.


Carotene Extra Treatment 50ml

Intensive mask for dehydrated skin. For ages 30+


Mineral Cleansing Concentrate 2ml

Soothing cleansing concentrate with natural herbal oils. For acne, oily and sensitive skin.


Pumpkin & Orange Gel Mask 50ml

For fine lines & wrinkles, mature skin.


RadioSkin Set

ILCSI RadioSkin Set recommended during radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients.


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