Serums & Oils

Sometimes less is more: even a tiny amount of Ilcsi serums contains the active ingredients skin needs for rebuilding itself. Serums are the fastest absorbing, virtually oil-free formula moisturizers which can be applied under day or night creams or instead of whipped moisturizers and creams in the summer, depending on your skin type and concerns.

Probiotic Serum 30ml - NEW

Clinically proven serum to reduce acne and oily symptoms.


Mattifying Concealer Serum 30ml

Concealer for oily, acne-prone skin.


Anti-ageing & Hyaluron Serum 30ml

Leaves visibly younger looking skin. For ages 30+.


Rose Hip Serum 30ml

Light liposome gel for sensitive skin, rosacea and acne. Leaves skin feeling soothed. For ages 20+


Pro-Ageing Elixir 10ml

Effectively reduces the depth and length of wrinkles and strengthens skin functions.


Lightening Serum 35ml

Serum for hyper-pigmented skin, fair skin tones and freckles, dark spots and acne scars.


Fenugreek Anti-Wrinkle Serum 12 ml

For wrinkled neck, deep wrinkles on the cleavage and the eye area.


Flavonoid Extra Serum 35ml

Regenerates tired, pale and stressed skin, leaving it revitalised and rosy. For ages 35+


Phytoestrogen Serum 35ml

For skin with loss of elasticity. Also helps hormonal adult acne.


Grape Stem Cell Serum 35ml

Skin-renewal and cell-protecting. Improves skin condition and resistance. For ages 40+


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