Salon Facial - Treat problem skin with the touch of ancient Spirulina

ILCSI Harmonizing Spirulina Green Mask

Blemishes can strike no matter what age we are and when they do, it can seriously dent confidence. When it comes to problem skin treatments, we’ve signature treatments designed to repair, heal and restore acneic skin.

Relieve skin's sensitivity with the ILCSI Seven Herb Treatment

Sensitive itchy skin

Sensitive skin is characterised by unpleasant dryness, stinging, burning, redness and tightness. Sensitivity is often a reaction to air-pollution, food or certain skincare products that come in contact with the skin. If your skin is sensitive, it has a tendency to blush and flush and may also react with pustules, skin bumps and skin erosion.

How to choose a body lotion that works for you

In summer we need to focus more on body care to ensure that our skin gets enough moisture. Excessive perspiration, sunshine and water all dry skin. Body lotions are used on relatively large skin area and even several times a day and we usually do not wash our hands after applying lotion. These are the reasons why we need to be extra cautious when choosing our body lotion.

What does COSMOS Certified mean and why is it important for us?

ILCSI Probiotic Products

What does it mean to be a COSMOS certified brand? Learn about the facts behind this cosmetic quality certification and why we are proud to have our Probiotic products carrying the COSMOS seal of approval.

Your skin microbes are important, do look after them!

Nowadays it's a well known fact, that each and every healthy skin is host to millions and millions of microbes. These microbes have an important role to play in maintaining skin's radiance and health, especially the live ones ...