Acne Treatments with Rose Hip and Sulphur

There is a rise in demand for products that treat various skin conditions and diseases such as acne, atopic dermatitis and skin infections, among others. Skin allergies and lifestyle-related skin complaints have also risen in the recent years. Clinets are searching for answers, treatments and proper product knowledge for their skincare concerns. Those professionals who can offer long-term solutions for these skin concnerns and have complex knowledge of skincare ... or even holistic approach, will have the advantage of establishing a solid client base and regarded as a trusted professional.

Acne-prone, inflamed skin causes problems mainly for teenagers, but changes in hormone levels are always visible on our skin, no matter how old we are. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle may make the situation even worse. Clarifying treatment for acneic skin What makes this treatment different? the use of natural products, organic ingredients high concentration of botanical active agents the use of herbs and fruits with amazing beautifying, soothing effects a thorough peeling allows the better absorption of follow up skincare products the astringent, soothing mask calms skin and clients will leave with nice and refreshed complexion Step by step guide: 1. Cleansing: cleanse the skin with the Apple & Lemon Cleanser. 2. Toning: Wipe the skin with the Sulphuric Toner to reduce inflammation and control the secretion of sebaceous glands. 3. Peeling: Prepare inflamed, problem skin for treatment with the Sulphuric Exfoliating Mask. The slightly alkaline pH of sulphur unclogs hardened, keratinised, seborrheic pores and acts as an anti-inflammatory and soothing agent during the exfoliating process. The mask removes dead keratinised cells and leaves skin soft and smooth. 4. Skin softening, clarifying, disinfecting: Before removing spots and comedoes, skin needs to be softened with the help of steam. Massage the skin with the Saponaria & Linaria Massage Cream while steaming. After removing acne and comedoes, sterilise the skin with the Vio device and use the Soft Laser to facilitate the healing of blemishes and inflamed areas. 5. Electro-cosmetic massage: Apply the Rosehip Gel Mask. Rosehip is a main source of vitamin C, it strengthens the wall of blood vessels and helps stop skin bleeding. Use the ILCSI Skin Tightening + Radiofrequency device for extra efficiency and deeper absorption. 6. Nourishing mask: Apply the Vitamin C Tomato Mask and allow it to dry. Tomato is rich in carotene, vitamins B1, B2 and C, and it is a great nourishing and anti-inflammatory plant for seborrheic skin types. It contains a number of minerals, e.g. potassium that has an important role in supplying cells with energy and maintaining the acid-base balance. 7. Pore-refining, soothing mask: Apply an even layer of the soothing, keratoplastic Seven Herbs Treatment. For severly acneic skin, use the Ichtyolic Herbal Treatment with a gauze mask. 8. Finishing: Mix 1/3 parts of Rose Hip Whip Moisturizer, 1/3 of Mattifying Concealer Serum and 1/3 of Ichtyolic Concealer and apply this special ’Healing Foundation’. Apply it evenly to cover blemishes, soothe and protect skin at the same time. If necessary, use the Ichtyolic Concealer locally. At-home skin care routine Do not forget about daily skincare! Acne-prone skin needs constant attention so we must emphasize the importance of at-home skin care. The ideal face wash is the Mineral Cleansing Concentrate (black soap) that rebalances skin and reduces acne symptoms. For the client’s daily skin care regime, recommend the Rose Hip Toner. Severly acneic skin types should use the Sulphuric Toner. The day moisturiser can be either the Rose Hip Serum or the Sulphuric Serum. If the client’s skin requires a cream formula, recommend the Rose Hip Whip Moisturizer or the Sulphuric Cream. For the local treatment of inflamed areas the Mattifying Concealer Serum and the Ichtyolic Concealer are the best. If you want to know more about the treatment of acneic, sensitive skins prone to inflammation, join our training courses!