Apple & lemon for acne-prone skin

If your complexion's going through a rough patch or you often suffer from blemishes, Ilcsi has a special natural product range for your skincare concerns. With the help of these natural skincare products you can keep spots, blackheads and blemishes under control every day.

We recommend 3 simple steps ...
Step 1 Cleansing
Remove make-up and dirt, excess oil from the skin: use the Apple&Lemon Cleanser, followed by the Apple&Lemon Toner. To deeply cleanse your face, wash it with the Mineral Cleansing Concentrate (’Black Soap’) infused with ingredients that soothe the skin and regulate sebum production.

Step 2 Moisturize
If your skin is dehydrated, try the super-lightweight, easily absorbed Apple&Lemon Whip Moisturizer. With this daily routine, redness and inflammation will disappear, and the fruit acids reveal a new, even skin tone and a skin so healthy it glows.

Once a week
It is also essential to exfoliate skin once a week with the Rose Hip&Maize Exfoliating Mask, which clears away the dull surface cells and promote the absorption of further skin care products. Follow up with the our natural wonder, the Seven Herb Treatment. It is used as an astringent mask for mildly seborrheic, inflamed skin that is still sensitive. Its yarrow content restores the skin’s optimal, fine lipid barrier. Contains herbs that have excellent hydrating qualities.