Get Rid Of Acne With Yummy Apples And Lemons

Acne-prone skin can cause serious problems, no matter how old you are. There may be a number of reasons leading to this condition, from hormonal changes to stress, pollution, inflammation in the body, too much processed food—just to name a few. Leading a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and a balanced diet definitely have benefits to the skin, too.

To help you restore glowing, healthy skin, Ilcsi has developed the BDIH certified, natural Apple&Lemon range: now you can combat nasty spots in the safest way with organic plant actives. Apples are rich in vitamins, pectine, AHA acids, mineral salts and fructose. Lemons and lemon oil are antiseptic and tightening, while citric acid gently exfoliates skin.

Begin your daily routine with clearing away excess oil and impurities with the Mineral Cleansing Concentrate, followed by the Apple&Lemon Toner for perfectly clean skin. Use our lightweight and fragrant Apple&Lemon Moisturizer for long-lasting hydration, shine-free problem zone and balanced skin tone. In the evening, remove make up with the refreshing Apple&Lemon Cleanser.

And there is more! Besides purifying and hydrating skin and minimizing pores, the Ilcsi Apple&Lemon range visibly brightens skin, reduces discolouration, and combats the signs of ageing by exfoliating dead skin cells and erasing fine lines, making it the perfect choice for anti-ageing, firming and skin brightening treatments as well.

Yummy AND clever, arent’t they?

ILCSI Apple&Lemon Products