How to treat acne-prone, inflamed skin

Acne-prone, inflamed skin causes problems mainly for teenagers, but changes in hormone levels are always visible on our skin, no matter how old we are. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle may make the situation even worse.

Sensitive skin is often blushing, as it reacts to changes in temperature and weather. When sensitivity is accompanied by inflammation, skin needs special care and attention. In this case first we must reduce inflammation with a three-week AHA Cure: three treatments on the first week, two treatments on the second week, and one treatment on the third week.

The AHA Cure combines the AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment and the Paprika Herbal Treatment, the two layers are applied simultaneously. 30-60 seconds after application you will experience a tingling sensation, your skin warms up gradually and it lasts for about 10 minutes. This is normal and the sign of the herbs and paprika getting in reaction with the skin. Your skin will start to cool down after 10 minutes and will be completely calmed and soothed after 20-25 minutes. After the peeling apply the Seven Herb Treatment. This mask will leave your skin looking and feeling smoothed and tightened. For a great beauty experience, you can also visit our Salon Partners offering ILCSI Facials. Start the year with healthy, glowing skin.
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