ILCSI for a cleaner environment

ILCSI Rose Hip and Maize Exfoliating Mask

Many countries across the world have already adopted or are taking steps to implement bans on the use of microplastics in comsetics. These plastic microbeads can be found in a range of cosmetic products eg. exfoliants, shower gels, shampoos. Many cosmetic firms use tiny, less then a millimetre wide plastic beads (often labelled as PP, PE or PMMA in the ingredients) even though there is no reason for that. What's the issue with these microbeads? Microplastics are too small to be filtered by wastewater treatment and able to carry deadly toxins into animals, endangering rivers, marine life, and the human food chain. What is more, organic pollutants, fat-soluble chemicals such as DDT stick to microbeads and form a super-concentrated ”time bomb”.

And now the good news: Instead of ugly plastics, ILCSI only uses natural abrasives rich in precious active substances: ground-up grape seeds, maize, sea salt, or try our fruit acid peelings for a rejuvenated, spotless skin, a clean conscience, and a cleaner environment.

Switch to a natural product recommended for your skin type and make a difference NOW!