Kick off 2018 with healthy skin

Everyone wants gorgeous, glowing skin for the party season. But if you don’t have a facialist on speed dial to help you, ILCSI Skincare products are the next best thing.

Paprika Herbal Treatment - For all skin types
This mask works fast to diminish dead skin cells, boost circulation and grant skin a healthy, selfie-ready glow. Recommended for all skin types to visibly rejuvenate, invigorate and firm skin, detoxify tissues, stimulate circulation and metabolism and tackle any skin condition. Formulated with organic hot paprika, St John’s wort, sage, walnut leaves, horsetail, mallow and lavender oil for super-healthy skin. Apply on clean skin, allow it to dry for 20 minutes and peel off. Do not rinse off.

Cucumber & Parsley Treatment - For all skin types
Thanks to cucumber, this treatment has refreshing, hydrating and regenerating effects. In addition to its high mineral content, we also use parsley, which contains flavonoids, vitamin C and mineral salts to make the formula complete.

Fibrous Stonecrop Treatment - For pigmentation disorders
This stonecrop gel brightens, strengthens and protects the skin, therefore it is ideal for treating hyper-pigmentation, lentigines, age spots and common warts, and it also soothes, regenerates, lifts and hydrates worn-out skin.

Seven Herb Treatment - For acne-prone, sensitive skin
The organic herbs of the mask have healing and hydrating effects. Leaves the skin looking and feeling smoothed and tightened. It has a slight pore tightening effect.

Apricot Gel Mask - For all skin types - excl acne-prone, sensitive skin
The Apricot Gel Mask, rich in flavonoids, vitamins and antioxidants, reinforces skin's defence against water loss. This bright coloured, jam-like gel mask revives non-sensitive skin types.

Use the ILCSI masks once a week or when you feel that your skin needs something special. Just apply a medium thick layer to cleansed face and allow to dry – then rinse off with tepid water, to reveal smooth, luminous, peachy-soft skin that radiates youthful vitality.

Have glowing skin all the way into 2018!