Natural Deodorant

Mandarin Oil

Up to now you probably used an antiperspirant with what you hindered your body’s natural detoxifying process. However, sweating is important as the toxins need to leave your body somehow. If we block the natural flow of toxins, they get stuck in the lymph glands in your armpits which is to be blamed to a great extant for the development of breast cancer.

The ILCSI Natural Deodorant , due to the organic tangerine and lemon grass oil, as well as the anti-bacterial and natural disinfectant characteristics of aloe, neutralizes body odour. Provides protection without blocking the pores, respecting the body’s natural detoxifying processes. Thus, we get rid of the toxins with the sweat, while exterminates the bacteria causing body odour. When working, it does not interfere with the natural functions of skin. The ILCSI Natural Deodorant is friendly to the environment, made without propellent.

During the first couple of days it may be that you will perspire more intensely as the lymph drainage starts to clear. Within a week this will normalize due to the effect of the ingredients, and will even decrease. During this first week we recommend that you re-apply the deodorant when needed.