Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Cellulite

ILCSI Hot Paprika Body Treatment

Cellulite is one of the unpleasant symptoms of modern living. Due to eating habits, external hormonal impacts and sedentary lifestyle cellulite is becoming an issue at a younger age. Many people think that this issue can be dealt with using a single cream or treatment. A complex issue, like cellulite can only be treated effectively, if besides the treatment we focus on healthy eating and training.

Use organic ingredients that improve circulation, metabolism, have tightening and diuretic effects. To manage or prevent cellulite, try the highly effective ILCSI hot paprika products that are so easy to use that you can do the treatment yourself at home.

The ILCSI Hot Paprika Body Treatment intensely boost congestion thanks to its paprika and cinnamon oil content. Besides capsaicin, it contains carotenoid type pigments (capsanthin, beta-carotene, capsorubin), sugar, vitamin C, B2, B3, E, vitamins, that also provide nourishment for the skin. Its other component is yucca – rich in phytoestrogen that provides tight tone. Apply it in medium thickness to areas affected by cellulite, cover it with cling film. Leave it on for 25 mins, then rinse it off.

The ILCSI Revitalizing Paprika Body Lotion has been developed for treating cellutite, striae, and tired, pale skin with poor turgor. Hot paprika boosts circulation and strengthens tissues, helps remove deposits from blood vessels and tissues, and aids the treatment of varicose capillaries on thighs. The Revitalizing Paprika Body Lotion is also excellent for warming up before sports, counteracting the symptoms of sedentary work, stiff muscles and joints, and increasing the elasticity of skin in problem areas.

Use them twice a week for long-lasting results.

Do not use in case of histamine sensitivity. Not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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