Repair & revitalize dull skin


Rose oil and rose petals dramatically improve the appearance of dulled, uneven and dehydrated complexions. The petals are a rich source of active ingredients: tannins, malic acid, waxes, sugars, and essential oils, which slow down the ageing process, neutralize harmful effects caused by stress, strengthen the blood vessels, and act as a deep emollient on dehydrated/mature skin. And of course, there is that fantastic, luxurious scent…

If your skin is strongly dehydrated, use the silky Rose Petal Cleanser to remove make up, follow with the Rose Petal Toner. The toner replenishes much-needed moisture and prepares skin to maximize the benefits of your next skin care steps. Apply Ilcsi’s firming Rose Petal Whipped Moisturizer to repair and revitalise dry, dull and vitamin-deficient skin. With the delicious scent of roses – this is also a treat for your senses.

A quick tip for swollen, puffy eye contour: in the morning, apply a thin layer of Rose Petal Gel Mask around the eyes – by the time you finish your cup of tea, you will see the magic of the ’eternal queen’!

The award-winning Rose Petal products are now available in the Rose Petal Gift Set for the holiday season! Let's celebrate together!

Ilcsi Rose Petal Gift Set
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