Restore your skin’s self-renewal function with ILCSI

The use of bubble baths and shower gels, the lack of exercise will thicken the keratinised layer of skin, causing a dry, dull feeling. It insulates the skin so it cannot renew itself from within, and also prevents the absorption of skin care products.

Ilcsi’s gentle cleansing concentrates (face and body washes) soften the surface layer and slough off dead cells, thereby preventing thickening and restoring the skin’s self-renewal function, opening the way for skincare products. Use them every day as a facial wash and shower gel for the entire body.

Try the
ILCSI Mineral Cleansing Concentrate 35, 125ml for sensitive skin, oily skin with acne
ILCSI Nettle Cleansing Concentrate 125ml for dry, normal skin.

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