Signs of ageing? Grape stem cells help...

Stem cells are found in the epidermal layer of the skin and are involved in skin growth and regeneration. If they are harmed by UV radiation, which is responsible for 80% of skin ageing, their power to regenerate will be jeopardised. Therefore it is essential that we replenish lost skin stem cells with products that contain plant stem cells.

The activity of skin stem cells is the key factor in ensuring the vitality and regeneration capacity of the skin. It has been seen that products containing Grape Stem Cell protect and maintain the activity of epidermal stem cells - even in cases of stress induced by UV. They also protect skin stem cells against UV stress and delay senescence of essential cells. Studies have shown these types of products can fight photo-ageing, making it a vital treatment for healthy-looking skin.

And you? Do you already see the signs of ageing when you look into the mirror? The Ilcsi Grape Stem Cell product line is recommended for you! Our products cointain the precious ingredients of grape and grape stem cell extract that promotes regeneration of skin and delays the appearance of skin ageing signs.

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