Spirulina - superfood for your skin

Harmonizing Spirulina Green Mask

Acne-prone skin is very delicate therefore treating it with harsh chemicals and exfoliants can do more damage than good. This sensitive, stressed out skin needs delicate but effective treatment. We are always looking for new ingredients from nature and the results of the ILCSI Harmonizing Spirulina Green Mask prove that nature has a solution to a wide range of skincare concerns.

The super-natural skincare ingredients, spirulina algae and marine microalgae are rich in proteins, amino acids and minerals. They nourish the skin and replenish it with vitamins. Algae are rich in all types of vitamin B, especially B12, which are indispensable to a healthy skin. Essential amino acids keep the skin in good condition and improve its ability to regenerate.

The spot-targeting, Harmonizing Spirulina Green Mask strengthens the physiological functions of the skin, helps to minimise the appearance of blemishes. Its regular use has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the sebaceous glands, controlling excess oiliness. Immediately refines the skin, delivers an even tone and radiant look. 

A truly green addition to your skincare routine!