What does COSMOS Certified mean and why is it important for us?

ILCSI Probiotic Products

The COSMOS certification is awarded to those high quality, safe-to-use natural and organic products which are produced based on the highest organic and natural standards. The COSMOS guidelines have been developed to encourage sustainable production and consumption, which is of crucial importance to Ilcsi.

Why is COSMOS More Important Than the Different Standards and Certifications?
In the past certification organisations applied different rules when controlling cosmetic products, which is why a kind of competition has emerged among the institutions. By creating the COSMOS Standard, they wanted to put an end to this and make the regulation clearer and more transparent. The COSMOS (COSMetics Organic Standard) standard was established by the co-operation between the five largest European certification organizations (the German BDIH, the French Ecocert and Cosmebio, the British Soil Association and Italian ICEA), with the aim of achieving a genuine unified standard for organic and natural cosmetics.

What are the Characteristics of a COSMOS Certified Product?
The COSMOS standard covers from the raw materials to the production, marketing and control of products and regulates the entire production chain based on the principles of prevention and safety. The certification implies that the manufacturers of the given products are using natural resources responsibly, practice health and environment-friendly manufacturing technology, support the use of organic ingredients and generally believe in green chemistry.

Which Raw Materials and Processes are Covered by the Strict COSMOS Regulation?
Regarding the origin and processing of raw materials, COSMOS takes five categories into account according to which materials are allowed to be used and which are prohibited.
• Water: In any case, it must comply with the hygiene standard.
• Mineral Ingredients: original minerals or mineral ingredients modified with simple chemical processes can be used.
• Physically produced agricultural ingredients: the use of plant, animal and microbial ingredients are permitted. It is forbidden to use genetically modified plant components and raw materials from animals.
• Chemically produced agricultural ingredients: same rules apply as to the physically produced ingredients, but in this case the basic rules of green chemistry must be applied.
• Other ingredients: The standard strictly regulates the list of permitted preservatives.
The regulation also covers the following:
• Content of the product, i.e. taking into account how many percent of the content are natural or organic ingredients processed according to the specifications.
• Storage, processing, packaging: examining the cleanness and hygiene aspects of storage, manufacturing and packaging and the use of environmentally friendly packaging. It is prohibited to use chlorinated plastics for packaging.
• Environmental impacts: taking into account the environmentally friendly nature of the product, the packaging and the manufacturing processes, minimizing manufacturing waste and considering recycling.
• Labeling and communication: Labeling must be clear and unambiguous, has to include all relevant information and should not mislead the buyer.
• Tests, certification and review: Each product must comply with the regulation and this will be reviewed each year.

How Do We Know If a Product is COSMOS Certified?
COSMOS Certification does not have its own logo, so the certification is indicated by writing the terms COSMOS Natural or COSMOS Organic under the seal of the certifying organization. In case of ILCSI, the BDIH COSMOS Natural logo identifies the products as certified natural.

What does COSMOS Natural mean within the COSMOS certification?
Those natural cosmetic products may be labeled with COSMOS Natural label that – among others - are free from parabens, genetically modified ingredients and most petroleum products. Certification does not impose a minimum natural component ratio in the product, but prohibits the use of genetically modified plant components and raw materials from animals.

Our Probiotic Products are COSMOS Certified and our BDIH certified natural cosmetics are in the process of being re-accessed according to the COSMOS Natural standard and will be getting the COSMOS Natural seal in the near future.