Your skin microbes are important, do look after them!

Nowadays it's a well known fact, that each and every healthy skin is host to millions and millions of microbes. These microbes have an important role to play in maintaining skin's radiance and health, especially the live ones, also known as probiotics. During the past decades we were not too kind to our skin microbes resulting in a significant loss of the population mainly due to antibiotics overuse and chemicals in cosmetic products.

Now it's time to look after them using Ilcsi's brand new Probiotic Products which are made using probiotics as their main ingredient, hence effectively stimulate the skin’s self-renewing process. They are based on a lysate of Lactococcus lactis, the Lactococcus Ferment Lysate probiotic lactic acid–producing bacterium, which is grown under specific conditions, after which the obtained cells are lyzed, a process involving the killing and destruction of the bacterial cells. Probiotic bacteria are well-established in the food industry, and their benefits for the human body are described in many scientific papers. The ingredient obtained from a lysate of Lactococcus lactis essentially contains the cell debris of this bacterium – such as cell fragments, metabolites, cytoplasmic compounds, and cell wall materials – and in the studies performed, has shown that it is able to improve both the skin renewal processes and the processes involved in the skin’s adaptation to negative influences.

The Probiotic Serum is a clinically proven formula to reduce acne and oily symptoms. Especially recommended to treat acne developed as a result of hormonal changes, eating habits or the malfunction of internal body organs.

The Probiotic Moisturizer and Probiotic Treatment stimulate skin’s self-renewal process, firm and regenerate skin.

The new ILCSI products are available in the UK now!