What does COSMOS Certified mean and why is it important for us?

ILCSI Probiotic Products

What does it mean to be a COSMOS certified brand? Learn about the facts behind this cosmetic quality certification and why we are proud to have our Probiotic products carrying the COSMOS seal of approval.

Your skin microbes are important, do look after them!

Nowadays it's a well known fact, that each and every healthy skin is host to millions and millions of microbes. These microbes have an important role to play in maintaining skin's radiance and health, especially the live ones ...

Spirulina - superfood for your skin

Harmonizing Spirulina Green Mask

Acne-prone skin is very delicate therefore treating it with harsh chemicals and exfoliants can do more damage than good. This sensitive, stressed out skin needs delicate but effective treatment. We are always looking for new ingredients from nature and the results of the ILCSI Harmonizing Spirulina Green Mask prove that nature has a solution to a wide range of skincare concerns.

Anti-Pollution Skincare

Pollution is one of the main contributors to ill health in the UK and it also effects our skin's protective antioxidant and collagen levels.

Gentle repair with natural products

An AHA (Alpha-hydroxy acid) peeling is the very best way to renew your complexion and improve your skin condition at this time of the year.