Active Ingredients in our products - Sodium Hyaluronate

SODIUM HYALURONATE is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. It is a more stable and smaller molecule than hyaluronic acid, therefore it penetrates the skin more easily. In cosmetic creams, emulsions (external application) the use of hyaluronate is preferred since it forms a thin layer of film on the surface of the skin and locks in moisture, preventing its leave and ensuring elasticity.

Natural Deodorant

Mandarin Oil

Up to now you probably used an antiperspirant with what you hindered your body’s natural detoxifying process. However, sweating is important as the toxins need to leave your body somehow.

Get your skin ready!

The change in season has an impact on our skin. After winter your skin deserves a good spring cleaning.

Start with the Paprika Herbal Treatment that stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, clears away toxins, reduces inflammation and visibly rejuvenates skin.

The natural way to revive dull skin

Ilcsi Mineral Cleansing Concentrate

Winter tends to leave our skin dull. With spring around the corner, you can brighten up your skin and make it look great by some natural tricks and remedies. Cleansing concentrates from ILCSI Skin Care remove dead skin cells, which enables more effective absorption of other skin care products...

Simple Steps For Treating Acne - Naturally

Acne affects most of us at some point in our life, so you're not alone (not that that really makes you feel any better). Many of those with oily skin often suffer from blemishes, inflamed pores.